San Giorgio Srl is a shipping agency and was founded on 1 January 2006 from an idea of Capt. Nicola Ruello, using his experience in commercial and passenger vessels and later in two major national shipping agencies.

The idea of creating a new shipping agency in this sector was and continues to be a challenge.

Our aim is to combine technology and experience which are crucial in this market characterized by stagnation and lack of initiative, in a globalized world.

San Giorgio Srl is a young group and it has had a significant professional growth in the last years, thanks to the creation of the new shipment department in 2009. In 2010 we opened a new branch in Genoa and in 2012 in Ravenna.

In 2011 we provided our office with information technology system to manage custom manifests, in compliance with new european laws.

Our positive trend, despite the world crisis, pays back our efforts in order to satisfy our clients at best.


About Venice

The city of Venice was for over a millennium, the capital of the Venetian Republic and it was known as the “Serenissima”, and the queen of the Adriatic.
Venice is universally considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. For its urban characteristics, its artistic patrimony and its lagoon, it is included among the Unesco world heritage sites. This allowed Venice to become the second most visited city in Italy after Rome.

Venice port is ranked as sixth for commercial traffic in Italy, with 6% on the total amount, resulting in about 29 million tons. The ships enter the lagoon through Malamocco and Lido port entrances. The piers and docks are positioned in a wide section of territory and divided according to their function. 

  • Porto Marghera, mainland, is the centre of the commercial traffic: we can find especially containers and oil tankers that support the interport and industrial activities.  

  • From the new terminal in Fusina depart the ferries to Greece and Turkey. 

  • In the historical centre at the maritime station, and “Riva Sette Martiri” (St. Mark Square), we can find luxury yachts, while in the new part of the maritime station moore the big cruise ships.

Moreover, the city hosts a lot of exhibitions and international events. The most relevant cultural event is the Biennale, an international exhibition founded in 1895, including several expositions regarding different areas: art, architecture and cinema. Folklore includes the famous and ancient Carnival, one of the oldest of the world famous for its particular masks which attracts thousand of visitors every year. The ancient marine’s republic regatta is an historical recalling, started in 1955. It takes place every four years between May and July. One of the first Sunday of September takes place the “Regata Storica” that combines folklore and local sport. Then we have some local religious festivities: the most important is the “Festa della Madonna della Salute” (21st of November), “Festa della Sensa” relating to the Ascension and “Festa del Redentore” (3rd Sunday of July) and “Festa di San Marco” (25th of April).